no. 14 – Podcast Ready

This evening when I got home, I saw that the first episode of my podcast had magically uploaded to SoundCloud!

If you have been reading the blog up to now, you’ll see that the content isn’t exactly anything new, but there is something pretty cool about posting a story on podcast. It brings it to life in a whole new way…

Now, I think if you like NPR or TED Radio Hour’s format, you might like the style in which it was produced. My aim is to keep them all relatively short, so they should never be longer than 20 minutes.

So, check out the Podcast tab and take a listen while you are in the shower or in the car…or cleaning house?

Let me know what you guys think!



Author: Kate Hill

Hi, I'm a 31 year old adjunct who writes in my spare time. I live with my girlfriend, her 13 year old daughter and the imaginary dog we keep talking about. I live in my head, and I like cheeseburgers. Did I mention a warm bath is a nice thing to come home to?

4 thoughts on “no. 14 – Podcast Ready”

  1. I heard it again and it was awesome. I was semi-sleepy when I first heard it but I noticed more details today. I liked the sound of the shower going off as well as the small music bits included. May I copy this idea and out it on mine. I don’t want to copycat but, no, I do actually lol.


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