no. 10 – when you blog from your phone…

When you sit down on a foot stool in the kitchen and pull out your phone to blog…

Well, folks. There won’t be much to this tonight. You see, I got in the bath earlier with my laptop as usual and something funny happened. All of the water just drained from the tub. The stopper or whatever you call that faceplate with a moving nose on it decided tonight it would say goodbye. Farewell. Adieu (maybe… how do you spell that?).

I’m disorganized on my phone. I don’t feel like shuffling tabs and verifying things in google.

The moment I realized what had happened, I looked up a YouTube video on how to fix the problem. Granted, it was already a quarter after 10 at that point, and yes… I was sitting naked in an empty tub watching a YouTube video. We already know I’m eccentric though. Are you still reading this?

The task seemed simple enough. I resolved that I would go to the store, retrieve the part and install it. So what did I do? I first went to Target even though I knew they wouldn’t have it. I just really like Target. Then I went to Walmart where it seemed they should have it. But they didn’t either. So I bought a 97 cent rubber stopper until I get to another big box store like Lowes or Home Depot.

Now as I write this, it’s a quarter to 12, I’m sitting in my kitchen with no part, and I’m making a gluten free pizza for my girlfriend whose driving home from her yoga concert.

Oh, did I mention I should be trusted with little more than sandwiches and eggs in a kitchen? I present Exhibit A.

Oh I’m winning tonight!


Exhibit A. Burnt Frozen Pizza w/ Bellpeppers that make Alina Sick


Author: Kate Hill

Hi, I'm a 31 year old adjunct who writes in my spare time. I live with my girlfriend, her 13 year old daughter and the imaginary dog we keep talking about. I live in my head, and I like cheeseburgers. Did I mention a warm bath is a nice thing to come home to?

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